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 Tory, helped me when I had some issues from my childhood. She worked with me and coached me so that I could deal with the issues and let them go. She also has helped me with my faith, she showed me that I was in religious boxes and how to open up and be more flexible and forgiving. It has helped me a lot. Tory is a great teacher and coach.

Louise, VT

 I reached out to find a life coach in May 2018. I received Tory Heatherly. Prior to my introduction to Tory, I had no idea what a life coach was and what he/she did but knew that they could help people build a better life. I found talking with Tory refreshing. She doesn’t sugar coat anything or offer magical promises, yet her insight, razor-sharp focus, and caring nature is truly inspiring. In just a few sessions, Tory has helped me to see things in a new perspective and work through some very big issues in my life. I’ve made more progress working with her in the past six months than I have in the culmination of my entire life. In short, if you want clarity, inspiration, motivation, guidance, or a friend to lean on, I would highly recommend Tory as a life coach. She is absolutely amazing! Wherever you are – right now in your life – she will meet you there and guide you to where you want to go – lovingly all the way there.


Shawn T., AZ

 Tory Heatherly was very helpful to me over a year ago when I was dealing with some issues with my daughter.  I had several coaching sessions with her, and her questions and suggestions helped create a positive outcome for me at that time.   Her caring and love of humanity was very evident, and was sprinkled with a great sense of humor.   She has a natural intuitive gift, and I would recommend anyone looking to explore their life to contact her for a session.

Nancy, VT

Tory Heatherly