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        Soaring Through Light LLC 

                                                 Your Coach to a Better Life


What People are Saying about Us

What People are Saying

 Tory, helped me when I had some issues from my childhood. She worked with me and coached me so that I could deal with the issues and let them go. She also has helped me with my faith, she showed me that I was in religious boxes and how to open up and be more flexible and forgiving. It has helped me a lot. Tory is a great teacher and coach.

Louise, VT

Some nice words from AZ

 I reached out to find a life coach in May 2018. I received Tory Heatherly. Prior to my introduction to Tory, I had no idea what a life coach was and what he/she did but knew that they could help people build a better life. I found talking with Tory refreshing. She doesn’t sugar coat anything or offer magical promises, yet her insight, razor-sharp focus, and caring nature is truly inspiring. In just a few sessions, Tory has helped me to see things in a new perspective and work through some very big issues in my life. I’ve made more progress working with her in the past six months than I have in the culmination of my entire life. In short, if you want clarity, inspiration, motivation, guidance, or a friend to lean on, I would highly recommend Tory as a life coach. She is absolutely amazing! Wherever you are – right now in your life – she will meet you there and guide you to where you want to go – lovingly all the way there.


Shawn T., AZ

What one person said from VT

 Tory Heatherly was very helpful to me over a year ago when I was dealing with some issues with my daughter.  I had several coaching sessions with her, and her questions and suggestions helped create a positive outcome for me at that time.   Her caring and love of humanity was very evident, and was sprinkled with a great sense of humor.   She has a natural intuitive gift, and I would recommend anyone looking to explore their life to contact her for a session.

Nancy, VT

Healing is Healthy
Healing is Healthy

Nice experience from NV

My experience with Tory at Soaring Through Light was extremely rewarding. The counseling, exercises, and encouragement was exactly what I needed.

Valerie, NV

Freedom living with ADHD
Freedom living with ADHD

Finding the blocks

Tory’s Coaching goes beyond my goals and dreams for my life. She helps me find the blocks that keep me from the life that I can have. My ADHD was one   that hindered my relationships. Tory was able to work with me on how to manage and excel in my life with ADHD, B.H.

Brian, VT

Collaboration with Integrity 

While collaborating with Tory on a mutual client, I was impressed with her openness and eagerness for both learning more about my perspective and recommendations, and working intentionally to achieve the best end for our client.  She seems to be deeply committed to supporting those whom she is serving. 

Karin MS, VT

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