How we charge

Here at Soaring Through Light, we work with a wide range of individuals, from every walk of life.      
  • Entrepreneur
  • Low Income or fixed income
  • People going through financial crisis. 
  • People that are going through a spiritual struggle.
  • People that are down right lost.
    We think of each clients needs, and we charge according to what they can afford. We are not in this to get rich. We are here to help our fellow man.
    These are some things you will receive while working with us.
    • Scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions.
    • Email and text messaging support.
    • Between-session "homework".
    • Im-promptu calls as needed.
    • Personality assessments and debriefings.
    • On-line tools such as journalling, goal tracking, or accountability software.
    • Monthly packages will generally range somewhere between $40 up to $750 per month. (Depending on income)
    • Sliding Scale
    • We do have a number of slots available for Pro Bono clients (free, free is good)

 We accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, Discover, Debit, and Pre Paid Cards

PayPal will be paid through invoices.

 You can also pay in person using Square.

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