Meet our Coach Tory Heatherly


 Our Spiritual Coach:

Victoria Heatherly, Tory has been an Ordained Christian Minister, with Buddhist highlights for over 25 years. Tory has also been a Massage Therapist where her focus was on the whole person. She has been given a number of spiritual gifts that assists her in her work. She has the ability to create a nurturing and calming environment for clients to feel at ease. She has gone through spiritual enlightenment and can help others with that transformation. 

Tory Heatherly has also built 3 successful businesses from the ground up. Her first endeavor was A+ Safety Training. A+ is still thriving in Southern CA. Her next business was Guiding Touch Massage that was in Emporia, Kansas. In Emporia she had a client base of over 250 clients. Now she has re-invented her self by creating Soaring Through Light. With her very diverse background she has a great ability to inspire people. Her focus is on Spiritual and Life Coaching. 

  Seven Illuminating Services:


1. Helping clients to believe in themselves. When we understand ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we also recognize that we are magnificent individuals with infinite potential. When this happens, life takes on new meaning.


2. Showing clients how to take control of their lives. Most people are running on auto-pilot, controlled by what they have been taught to believe and what others expect of them. For their magnificence to blossom, they have to take control, access the spiritual power that resides within, and change course.


3. Helping clients to uncover their life purpose. Spiritually, each of us is here for a reason, with magnificent gifts to share. Learning about ourselves and learning to live in harmony with our life’s purpose is a tremendous gift.


4. Showing clients how to clear their minds. Teaching them various meditation techniques. How to get in contact with what small quiet voice inside that when listened to, has the roadmap to the clients journey.


5. Uplifting clients to live to the fullest. Guiding them to banish the fear that has had them trapped. Think about the joy of feeling excited about being alive each day and moving toward your brightest possible future. This is a gift you can give to yourself.

6. As a Spiritual Medium , I can make contact with the spirit world.  Connecting in this way allows clients have closure for loved ones that have past on. Working with me helps the healing process to begin. It gives hope to us that are left here, wondering what really happens when someone dies. Saying this, there is no promises given that contact will be made.I have many clients that I have helped over the years. 

7. Being present when all a client needs is someone to listen to.

The essence of spiritual coaching is tuning into the spiritual journey, helping people to discover and embrace the magnificence of their true identities, and to bring spirit fully into form.

Love & Light


 Coaching Packages 
3-Sessions Coaching Package $195.00
5-Sessions Coaching Package $225.00 (A $100.00 Savings) 
Single Session Coaching $65.00 

Working with a Spiritual Medium is by donation only. Only if a connection is made.

All Packages can be done on a Sliding Scale depending on income. We don't turn anyone away for lack of money.
Created by Tory Heatherly