Sales Services

Customizable Sales Training 

When we come together in the Discovery phase, we’ll determine the best approach for your unique situation and design a customized training program that suits your needs.

We customize each training session to reflect your products and services.

Utilizing your unique branding into our presentation, keeps all of the training real for your sales team. 

 Coaching Sales Teams

When we train sales people in a group. We bring enthusiasm to our training. The classes are filled with interesting information that is based on the our Clients specific industry. We train with the coaching in mind. The techniques that the students leave with are tailored to their particular personality. The training itself is inspiring and fun. We have found over the years that if you are having fun while learning, there is greater understanding of the sales process and a better outcome.

 One-on-One Coaching Sales Person

Our one-on-one Coaching approach is tailored to each sales persons personality.
Working individually with a sales person puts a spotlight on the sales persons strengths and shortcomings.
When sales reps are open and honest with what they are doing and what they want to achieve. This brings true profitability into focus. This is where the sales person as a whole gains optimism and insight into the selling proses.


These are some things you will receive while working with us:
  • Text messaging support.  
  • Impromptu calls as needed.
  • Between-session assignments
  • Personality assessments and debriefings.
  • Scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • On-line tools such as journaling, goal tracking, accountability software.
Created by Tory Heatherly