Our Referral Program

 Call  (802) 349-3543 or e-mail us about our referral program.

We will pay you for helping us with our business.

You can make up to $225.00 or more.

Once a person becomes our client we will pay you for sending them our way.

It's just that simple!! This is how it works...


                       Our Referral Program 

You will receive 10% of the total of your friend’s or family’s First Invoice. An average invoice on the low end is:

$40.00 x 3 months = $120.00 – 10% = $12.00 It doesn’t seem like much but it helps your friend and us. It puts a few dollars in your pocket.

On the higher end, an average invoice can be as high as $750.00 per month.

So it works the same way.

$750.00 x 3 months = $2,250 - 10%  $225.00 this goes to you!

Created by Tory Heatherly